Sup all. I'm currently running into a problem (can send source if needed) with this 
news script called "PHP-News" at where if 
I login to the admin area with Internet Explorer 5 and click on one of the sectional 
links like "Users" or "News" I am immediatly presented with a "Lost Access Logging 
Out" error and it takes me back to the main screen. 

The odd thing is it does it both for IE 5 browsers for PC, Mac OS9, and Mac OSX.. but 
Netscape 4 and 6 on PC and Mac are able to handle it properly. I'm not sure if it is a 
problem with cookies or sessions but for both IE and Netscape I left them at their 
default settings for both. 

I tried to email the author, but there was no response and the website for it isn't 
really informative or give feedback. 

If any of you have tried this script or want to fool around with it, let me know. I 
don't really want to try another news script (this is the best and easiest to use so 
far) so any suggestions would be grand! 

Thanks! :)


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