I thought '--with-db2' meant you'd get a DB2 (IBM) driver... what has
DB2 got to do with Berkeley?
An I suffering a bit of confusion between IBM's DB2 product, and
Berkeley database tables, and PHP's support of these?

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        Subject: [PHP-DB] About Berkeley DB2 Databases

        I read a paper about Berkeley DB2 databases and I have a few
doubts about PHP db2 support....
        I compiled my php with "--with-db2" option...
        1) How can I create a Berkeley db2 database with the "Berkeley
DB Concurrent Access Method" I want. Let's say... a B+Tree ... or hash
method. USING php.
        2) How can I use structured data (like objects) as values of a
Berkeley database USING php (I read
function, but it assumes only a string).
        Thank you very much,
        Ricardo Núñez
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