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> Mensaje citado por: "Gonzalez, Lorenzo" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > I thought '--with-db2' meant you'd get a DB2 (IBM) driver... what has
> > DB2 got to do with Berkeley?
> >  
> > An I suffering a bit of confusion between IBM's DB2 product, and
> > Berkeley database tables, and PHP's support of these?
> >  
> I can tell you that IBM DB2 is a RELATIONAL Database Management system, but Berkeley 
>Databases are not, but the could be the BASE of a relational database management 
>system (if you want read http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/refs/bdb_usenix.html).
> --with-db2 include BERKELEY DB2 (BERKELEY Databases version # 2) support.
> --with-ibm-db2 IS the option to include IBM DB2 support.
> I'm learning about Berkeley DB2 files because the are used in Linux systems and the 
>are efficient.
I never successed to install php with Berk. db2 support. db3 with dba works fine 
(except a bug, store extra suffs when create a new db, in my case it's the script 

Any tips welcome.


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