I have a large table with quite many dates in format dd.mm.yyyy (don't
ask why :) and I want to convert them into yyyy-mm-dd for obvious
reasons. How can I do this the smartest way? I know I could do it with
php and update it row by row but that doesn't seem too smart. Can I
somehow do a copy from table to table at the same time?
Table 1:
Name = John Doe
Date1 = 01.01.2001
Date2 = 02.02.2001
Table 2:
Name = NULL
Date1 = 0000-00-00
Date2 = 0000-00-00
And now I want to set Table 2 to this:
Name = John Doe
Date1 = 2001-01-01 // Value from Table 1
Date2 = 2001-02-02 // Value from Table 1
At least tell me what to look for in the manual. :)

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