I don't know much about javascript, but I would do the following:

1. Figure out what javascript data structure you are going to use to hold 
the data.
2. Figure out exactly how it should be coded.
3. Simply write your PHP script to output your javascript as in 2.

The hard part of the matter (which is not very hard) is to figure out how 
to do the javascript.  Create a static page on your local hard drive with 
hard coded javascript data structures.  When you figure out how to do it 
like that, then add the PHP to generate the page in that format.

By the way, I am going to soon need to do something similar - where the 
user gives several inputs in a row, and then the data is packed and posted 
to a php script - which outputs another batch of questions.  If you are 
running a slow connection, or the server is loaded, then having to reload the
page each time you type a word or two could get quite frustrating.  So, let 
me know what you come up with if you have the time.

-Jason Garber

At 10:29 AM 11/22/2001 +0100, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>Hi, out there
>Has anybody found a way to pass variables between javascript and php?
>Here's what I want to achieve:
>1.      I want to display a mysql_query result record-by-record
>(first/prev/next/last buttons) without re-querying.
>2.      I want to use a static html-form and plug the data into <input
>name="field_#" type="text" value="">
>         via event triggers
>3.      I read the query result into an php-array and want to pass
>array_values[1-n][1-m] to "query_result_for_field"
>4.      Obviously, I can increase/decrease values of javascript
>         Obviously, there's a php array and I can set I php-array-counter
>         BUT: I can't achieve to pass either value to the other
>5.      I know, that php parses html first and then comes javascript,
>but the array is there and I can use the java-
>         script to place anything into this.form.elements["field#"].value
>6,      The whole thing is about NOT reload/refresh the page/re-query
>but placing values via javascript.objects
>         and triggers into an otherwise static "forms-fill-in"
>Has anybody got a clue on that or is it really simply not possible due
>to 5 above?

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