Hi, out there
Has anybody found a way to pass variables between javascript and php?
Here's what I want to achieve:
1.      I want to display a mysql_query result record-by-record
(first/prev/next/last buttons) without re-querying.
2.      I want to use a static html-form and plug the data into <input
name="field_#" type="text" value="">
        via event triggers
3.      I read the query result into an php-array and want to pass
array_values[1-n][1-m] to "query_result_for_field"
4.      Obviously, I can increase/decrease values of javascript
        Obviously, there's a php array and I can set I php-array-counter
        BUT: I can't achieve to pass either value to the other
5.      I know, that php parses html first and then comes javascript,
but the array is there and I can use the java-
        script to place anything into this.form.elements["field#"].value
6,      The whole thing is about NOT reload/refresh the page/re-query
but placing values via javascript.objects 
        and triggers into an otherwise static "forms-fill-in"
Has anybody got a clue on that or is it really simply not possible due
to 5 above?

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