just put it in a loop.

while($val = mysql_fetch_result($result))
  $array[] = $val;

foreach($count = 0; $count < count($array); $count++)
  echo $array[$count]['product_name'];
foreach($count = 0; $count < count($array); $count++)
  echo $array[$count]['product_name'];

php4 has foreach() its better, think of upgrading, there are numerous


  Chris Lee

"Adam Douglas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have an instance where I have to query my MySQL database and then
> use the multiple row results to create multiple pull down menus on a web
> page. My problem is how can I take the results of the query and use them
> more the once to create pull down menus? I've always used a while look to
> fetch each row of the results and have it create the pull down menu as it
> goes through each row. But doing it this way only stores one row of
> in a variable. Is there a way I can grab all the results from a query that
> would go into an array so I could use it multiple times? I've lookingere
> briefly for a function to MySQL that would allow me to do this but haven't
> found anything unless I misunderstand mysql_fetch_array function. At first
> thought I could loop through my while loop and have it put the results
> the query of each row in to a multidimensional array. But then how would I
> add to the array after the initial row?
> BTW, I'm using PHP 3.0.16.... so I can't use the added array functions
> PHP 4 has. I do plan on upgrading soon.

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