I have an instance where I have to query my MySQL database and then
use the multiple row results to create multiple pull down menus on a web
page. My problem is how can I take the results of the query and use them
more the once to create pull down menus? I've always used a while look to
fetch each row of the results and have it create the pull down menu as it
goes through each row. But doing it this way only stores one row of results
in a variable. Is there a way I can grab all the results from a query that
would go into an array so I could use it multiple times? I've looking
briefly for a function to MySQL that would allow me to do this but haven't
found anything unless I misunderstand mysql_fetch_array function. At first I
thought I could loop through my while loop and have it put the results from
the query of each row in to a multidimensional array. But then how would I
add to the array after the initial row?

BTW, I'm using PHP 3.0.16.... so I can't use the added array functions that
PHP 4 has. I do plan on upgrading soon.

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