New to PHP/MySQL,

I was wondering if this was possible.

I have a users database with an auto-incremented userID field.

I have another message database (it's a message board database) - one of
the fields is a TEXT field with userIDs separated by carriage returns;
eg; if on one record userID 2 and userID 4 have both viewd that record,
the data in that field will look as follows:


I want to construct a SQL query for every user that logs in (I am
storing their userID as a session variable) so that I can filter out any
messages where a user has already viewed that record.  So in the above
example that record should be filtered out if user 2 or user 4 has
viewed the record.

The query I constructed is:

SELECT * FROM messages WHERE userID != '$userid'

But this will not filter out any records like the one above where the
userID in the message database is separaed by carriage returns as above
(ie; it won't filter out messages for user 2 or user 4).

Hope this makes sense

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