I'm working on an application that selects a user's userid if their password
and login match.  If the login and password match I want my variable $cir to
run its own select statement and return its corresponding contactid...for
this example we'll say that value = 5.  I then want to plug in $cir into my
select statement that will show the user the list of his/her contacts and
only theirs.  This seems to be the select statement that's giving my

                    $query = "select * from my_contacts where

Whenever I run my script I get an error saying that I have a problem with my
sql syntax.  I know that the problem is with the variable becuase it runs
fine with a value in it.

I've tried writing the $cir as '$cir' and '\$cir' but nothing seems to work.

Can anyone help.

Thanks in advance

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