as to the first point I have no idea, but on sessions, they are server 
side. The Session information is stored on the webserver or server 
accessible directory, so the location should match your setup not the 
client, the only information shared there is cookie.

At 04:28 PM 11/28/2001 -0700, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
>I am reading a book that refers to changing the value of an option in my
>php.ini file.  I am using a virual server running FreeBSD which already has
>PHP4 installed and I assume they opted not to install it using the php.ini
>option, hence it does not exist.  It is installed as an Apache module,
>therefore I assume that I add any options and their values to the httpd.conf
>file.  Anyone disagree with me on this?
>Now to my real question, this book I am reading suggests that I change the
>value of "session.save_path" from the default "/tmp" to be "/Windows/temp".
>I am assuming that this "session.save_path" option saves session information
>on the end users computer in the directory specified.  If this is the case,
>and I do specify "/Windows/temp" won't this cause problems for people who
>are not browsing my site with a Windows machine?  If so, is there a way to
>save session information just cookies are saved by going to the default
>location for cookies so that all platforms are compatible?
>Thank you in advance,
>Jonathan Duncan
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