how to set the primary key of a mysql-table automatically as value in other
tables of the same db via php?

hi there,
as being a newbie in this list, i don't know if my problem already has being
solved. so here it is:

i created a database  containing 6 tables: 'main' got the key 'id_main'
(integer auto_increment), every other table got the field 'id_main'(integer)
too, to connect all of them.
so, if I enter a new set of data via a php-form, the value $id_main is
automatically given by mysql. but how do I tell the program to enter  the
same value $id_main in all of the other tables, because the value is given
in mysql and not via php...?
(maybe it would be better to automatically get the id of the last set and
add 1. if someone got a script for this, i would be happy, too!)
hopefully i was able to explain my question properly and someone got an
answer. have a nice day!

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