First you insert the record in the main table, then using the mysql_insert_id() 
finction (Check www.php.net/mysql_insert_id for
details) you retrieve the new auto_increment value and then you insert the records in 
the related tables.

your script should look something like this:

$res=mysql_query("insert into main (id,field_one,...) values 
mysql_query("insert into table_one (id_main,table_one_field_one,...) values 
mysql_query("insert into table_six (id_main,table_six_field_one,...) values 

Dobromir Velev
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From: es said <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Friday, November 30, 2001 12:55
Subject: [PHP-DB] set primary key of a mysql-table automatically as value in other 
tables of the same db

>how to set the primary key of a mysql-table automatically as value in other
>tables of the same db via php?
>hi there,
>as being a newbie in this list, i don't know if my problem already has being
>solved. so here it is:
>i created a database  containing 6 tables: 'main' got the key 'id_main'
>(integer auto_increment), every other table got the field 'id_main'(integer)
>too, to connect all of them.
>so, if I enter a new set of data via a php-form, the value $id_main is
>automatically given by mysql. but how do I tell the program to enter  the
>same value $id_main in all of the other tables, because the value is given
>in mysql and not via php...?
>(maybe it would be better to automatically get the id of the last set and
>add 1. if someone got a script for this, i would be happy, too!)
>hopefully i was able to explain my question properly and someone got an
>answer. have a nice day!

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