Hi Tim.
I'm a programerr in PHP4 for about  years now and just by looking at your
script i can tell it wont work !

First of all, if would be dificult for a begginer developer to implement in
their script.
For more advanced developers it will be a great challenge for them to try to
get ti to work !

I've created my own little Row Alternator for pulling rows from a table.

if(ereg("1$|3$|5$|7$|9$", $i)) {
 $bg[$i] = "#336666";
} else {
 $bg[$i] = "#339966";

Place this script snipet in the function where you have detected if there is
actually a result and then just call the bg like this

echo "<TD BGCOLOR=\"".$bg[$i]."\">\n";

This sould help alot more.
Please dont think that I'm hammering your scripting skills.
I'm not.
Just a thought.


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