Vins wrote:
> Hi Tim.
> I'm a programerr in PHP4 for about  years now and just by looking at your
> script i can tell it wont work !
> First of all, if would be dificult for a begginer developer to implement in
> their script.
> For more advanced developers it will be a great challenge for them to try to
> get ti to work !
> I've created my own little Row Alternator for pulling rows from a table.
> if(ereg("1$|3$|5$|7$|9$", $i)) {

Wouldn't it be simpler if you just did:

if($i % 2) {

Anyway, you may want to check this class that not only displays rows
alternating their colors, but also highlights the rows when the mouse is
over the and can also show links to go back and forth pages with with a
limited number or rows:


Manuel Lemos

>  $bg[$i] = "#336666";
> } else {
>  $bg[$i] = "#339966";
> }
> Place this script snipet in the function where you have detected if there is
> actually a result and then just call the bg like this
> echo "<TD BGCOLOR=\"".$bg[$i]."\">\n";
> This sould help alot more.
> Please dont think that I'm hammering your scripting skills.
> I'm not.
> Just a thought.
> Regards
> Vins.

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