It's me again,
    I got it.  1st, disregard the Mysql concerns.  It was only slow because
it wouldn't display until Oracle finished in the same script.  2nd, the
reason that OCI did not work during the boot up was because APACHECTL which
starts the web server needed $ORACLE_HOME to find something (not sure
what).  I simply added the line
    export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.7
and now it works on bootup.   Whew
    I would like to know if someone out there knows why APACHECTL requires
$ORACLE_HOME, and/or what can be done to avoid putting in the extra line.  I
think this would eliminate a lot of grief to the ORACLE community.

John Kolvereid wrote:

> Hi,
>     This may be an install problem.
>     Initially, when Apache is run from boot, I am unable to use OCI:
>     'Warning: _oci_open_server: Error while trying to retrieve text for
> error ORA-12514 in ...'
> however, when I restart it, all is well.
>     Plus there seems to be ANOTHER problem/concern.  I am also using
> MySQL.  When I cannot use OCI, the MySQL screams - it's so fast.  When I
> can use OCI, MySQL slows to a snails pace on initial lookup.  I am
> absolutely positive this is not a cache concern, but I don't know what
> it is.
>     Please advise, and if necessary, please give me the name of the php
> install news group.  Thank you.
> --
>       John Kolvereid
>       1.610.296.4485

      John Kolvereid

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