le jeu 06-12-2001 à 06:14, John Kolvereid a écrit :
> It's me again,
>     I got it.  1st, disregard the Mysql concerns.  It was only slow because
> it wouldn't display until Oracle finished in the same script.  2nd, the
> reason that OCI did not work during the boot up was because APACHECTL which
> starts the web server needed $ORACLE_HOME to find something (not sure
> what).  I simply added the line
>     export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.7
> and now it works on bootup.   Whew
>     I would like to know if someone out there knows why APACHECTL requires
> $ORACLE_HOME, and/or what can be done to avoid putting in the extra line.  I
> think this would eliminate a lot of grief to the ORACLE community.
>    Thanks.
> John Kolvereid wrote:
It isn't apache, launched with apachectl, that need the environnement
variable ORACLE_HOME, but the php extension oci8. The reason why is to
locate an oracle library to use the middleware : net8. Net8 is the
feature that use php to connect itself to an oracle database.

Look at the annoted php manual, oci8 section. There is a lot of tips
about this case.


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