On Monday 10 December 2001 22:33, Michael Hanna wrote:
> I'm running apache 1.3.20 with php 4.0.6 and I'm trying to connect to
> pgSQL 7.1.3(OS X 10.1.1).
> I'm certain pgsql support is on..this is from my ./configure o/p:
> checking for PostgreSQL support... yes
> but this code:


> elba.dyndns.org/~michael/listcontacts.php

It's better to include the output of the above within your mail so people 
(like me) who can't be bothered can still see what your error is.

But from your subject it appears that pgsql suuport has *not* been compiled 
into PHP.

To verify just run:


If pgsql support is compiled in then you will see a table titled "pgsql".

If you're pretty sure that you did compile in pgsql but do not see it listed 
then maybe you forgot to restart apache.

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