Hi Andres,

> I have what probably is a basic question, but can't figure out by
> myself. If
> any of you kind souls can point me in the right direction I would
> appreciate
> it.
> I have a db table that has these columns:
>         id, date, time, title, body
> some of the rows can have the same "date" and want to output the data
> according to "date". Like so:
>     dateA
>         timeA1, titleA1
>         bodyA1
>         timeA2, titleA2
>         bodyA2
>     dateB
>         timeB1, titleB1
>         BodyB1
>     etc.
> Think of a weblog structure. I know how to output the information row by
> row, but not like above. Can any of you help me?

=use PHP to loop through the resultset:

retrieve data
while not eod //loop through resultset retrieved
 echo //output the blank line
 echo date
 while date_unchanged and not eod //loop through all the records for one day
  echo time, title
  echo body
  echo //output the blank line
  end while //date loop
 end while //resultset loop

NB I use a function to return a data row from the resultset and flag eod as a boolean
eod = end of data (in the resultset)

=welcome to programming!

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