It depends on what platform and browser you expect contributors will be
using to add content; ActiveX objects are only good for MSIE/Windows, while
Java has a somewhat broader reach.

WYSIWYG with HTML/DHTML/Javascript is klugey at best, even if it's
PHP-based; PHP is great for making admin screens, handling database stuff
and driving a template engine, but the UI is entirely dependent on the
client's capabilities.

And there are different levels of WYSIWYG; if you're just talking bold,
italic, underline, you could probably get away with a VBulletin-style
( system where clicking a "B" button next to the
text box drops an empty <B></B> tag at the end of the text box contents.  Or
give users a simple tag reference.  If you need a full-blown WYSIWYG HTML
editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver, you'd probably be better off looking
in the ActiveX/Java direction.

A couple of years ago I remember trying out an ActiveX-based home page
editor called WebWowser that had an MS-Word style toolbar complete with
Bold, Italic, Underline, Insert Image, Insert Table, and numerous other
bells and whistles.  IIRC it hooked into your FTP account on the WebWowser
site and uploaded your desktop images & the pages you made in the editor
seamlessly.  It was pretty slick, but I guess not slick enough to turn a
profit - the WebWowser site seems to have disappeared.

I guess it comes down to who your user base is, how much control they're
allowed to have in formatting their content, and how much handholding
they'll need.

Good luck,


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ali Nayeri [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> ...we need a very solid
> CMS system
> which has both management capabilities and if possible, has a web-based
> WYSIWYG editor that is idiot-proof.  The problem is, we are not
> sure how to
> start it.  Can it be done using PHP or should be go with the traditional
> Java or ActiveX objects.
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