I would add each item's unique item id to an array and pass the array as the session 
variable. Then 
use serialize($array) and unserialze($array) to pass the array from script to script. 
You could then
loop thru the array at the checkout and insert the vars into your database.


On Tue, 11 Dec 2001 13:22:26 -0800 Chris Payne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi there everyone :-)
> I have a question about Session usage.  I am passing data from 1 page to another via 
>the toolbar 
> (Forgot the method name, sorry :-) and then when the client clicks on "Add to 
>shopping cart" it 
> adds it into a session to store the data for checkout or to continue shopping.  My 
>question is this:
> When the client goes back and selects another item, it overrides the original in the 
>session - how 
> do I get sessions to be dynamic and assisn a different value for each shopping cart 
>entry?  And 
> then how do I retrieve them?
> Thanks for your help, I have learnt so much from this group.
> Chris

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