Greetings all,

Now that my shopping cart is just about complete I've been working on the
rest of the order process.

I have got two pages before finally placing an order.  The first page takes
address details and the next page prints them all out with the contents of
the shopping cart so the user can verify that they are correct.  I have put
an "Edit" button on it so that the user can go back and change address

The problem is this.  I am using sessions to store the address details and
when the user clicks "Edit" the current details are printed out which is
expected.  When the user changes any of these details they aren't recorded
in the session and so only the original values are recorded in the session
and aren't overwritten or changed.

I have got calls to session_register(); for each variable on the address
details page and also on the confirmation page.

Any ideas?


Graeme :)

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