This is as far as we got on the question of W2k based PHP with mssql.  Just
wondered if anyone out there had any further questions.



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From: Shane Peery 
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 1:35 PM
To: 'Joshua Hoover'
Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] quetion about Win PHP & mssql

Hi Joshua,

I get the same data back when I try that.  Here is the resultset I should be
getting back:

12/05/2001 shane

(From query analyzer.)

This is a tuff one.

I'm also getting a strange result set from another page with a link to a
function with coalesce in it.

Here is the result set from QueryAnalyzer


Here is the result set from PHP


The coalesce function reads as follows:

Select @modList = Coalesce(@modList + ',','')

As you can see, PHP returns an extra comma for some reason at the first of
the string, where SQL and ASP do not.  Any clues on this one?

Here is the raw output of the print_r

Array ( [0] => ,shane,justin [ModeratorNames] => ,shane,justin ) Array ( [0]
=> ,justin [ModeratorNames] => ,justin ) Array ( [0] => [ModeratorNames] =>

Here is the part of the method of the class that returns this data:

$strMain .= '   <td align="center" valign="middle" class="topics"
width="125">' . chr(10);
$strMain .= '   ' . $catRS["moderatorNames"] . chr(10);
$strMain .= '   </td>' . chr(10);

*BTW, should I send this to the list as well?*

Thanks again,


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From: Joshua Hoover [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 12:28 PM
To: Shane Peery
Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] quetion about Win PHP & mssql

Hi Shane,

Let's try this loop instead and see what you come back with:

for ($i = 0; $i < count($rs = @mssql_fetch_array($result)); $i++){
    echo $rs["LastPost"] . "<br>";

Let me know if this works or not.  I believe the while loop is going through
twice for some reason.



> Joshua,
> Thanks for the response.  This is what I got when I did the print_r on the
> recordset
> Array ( [0] => 12/05/2001 shane [LastPost] => 12/05/2001 shane ) Array (
> => 12/05/2001 [LastPost] => 12/05/2001 )
> So, its returning that date from, .... well, somewhere it seems.  But the
> data is as I wrote below.

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