What format is $expDate in?  You'll need to make sure it's in the format
your database expects for a date type column.

Joshua Hoover

> I'm trying to delete rows from a database where the date is older then my
> $expDate variable, but for some reason, no matter what I try and what
> examples I use for help, I can't get this to work??? I first took the
> $expDate string and set the var type to "integer". The datatype for the
> "msgCreated" field is "int".
> I first tried:
> $sql = "DELETE * FROM Table WHERE msgCreated < '$expDate'";
> and it didn't work so I then tried it without the single quotes:
> $sql = "DELETE * FROM Table WHERE msgCreated < $expDate";
> still, it didn't work. Am I missing something fundamental here? Is this one
> of those RTFM questions?
> Thanks,
> Brian

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