I signed-up for a trial with Aletia.com after Jonathan wrote a similar 
glowing review about 6 weeks ago. Great service-- so far it has worked 
as advertised. I also think they have the best $9.95/mo package around. 
PHPMyAdmin is already setup for you to manage your dbs.


Jonathan Hilgeman wrote:

> I've been through a bunch of hosts and I've stuck with Aletia.com for a
> while now. Their e-mail support is excellent, and the staff is personable,
> friendly, and communicative with their customers. Many customers are on a
> first-name basis with some of the staff. I pay $9.95 a month for 200 megs of
> space, 10 mySQL databases, 10 subdomains, and the latest versions of all the
> server software I use. They also offer multi-domain hosting, so you can
> actually run up to 3 separate domains for free on one account. My brother
> has a music site - all he does is pay for the domain, and he shares my plan
> features for free. So if you have 3 small to medium sites, you can host them
> all for free on one $9.95/mo account. You can add more later, but after 3,
> there's a fee for each extra one. And there's also no setup fee and a 30-day
> money-back policy. It's a great service.
> - Jonathan
> SiteCreative.com
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> From: Matthew Crouch [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 10:28 AM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP/Mysql web hosting: who's best?
> I looked at hypermart.net and they want $30 a month, which seems okay
> but their package comes with things I don't need, like 15 email
> addresses. I have a modest little dB -- does anyone know of good deals
> for plain folk?

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