Hi there everyone,

This is probably a really simple problem but for the life of me I can't figure out 
what i'm doing wrong.

My problem is I am getting 20+ results from a DB to display without any problems with 
the images etc ..... but they display one ontop of another (Of course with spacing 
underneath etc ...)  The problem however is that when I try to format the layout in a 
table it screws up.

I need the results to display 3 across and however many down as needed, but I can only 
get it to display either one ontop of the other or all of them going across the top of 
the screen which stretches the screen out unacceptably.

Please help me, I need to know how the table code should be to allow me to display 2 
or 3 items across and then down.

Thank you all for your help and Merry Christmas :-)


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