Hi, I really hope someone can help me with this. 
I'm new to PHP; just got started late last year.
I've put together a MySQL/Apache/PHP system to manage contacts. It's all 
running locally on my Win2k system.

I have installed phpmyadmin also, and I used that utility to populate my tables. 
So far, so good. I can browse the tables with that utility all I like.

Now, when I go to my own PHP pages, and attempt to pull data, all is well as 
long as I set my LIMIT to 10 or 15 or so. 

Much higher than that, and the system just spins its wheels. It never gets to a 
PHP time-out because it's not PHP taking up the time (in fact, php shows 0 
seconds used on the Windows Task Manager). If I stop the browser (IE), I get a 
partial table, and if I have a look at the source code, it's always just shy of 
4, 8, or 16k. (I don't know if that's relevant, but it seemed 

But what I'm saying is, it's not a whole lot of data. There's not even 400 rows 
in the table. 

And on another page, I attempted to dump all the email addresses from my table 
into groups of (n) addresses, as a test. I'm only pulling 3 data columns (2 
name columns and the email address). Still, the page just idles. 

Can someone point me to the problem? I think it must be in my code, because I 
can get PHPMYADMIN to do a complete dump on this system without a problem. 

Here's a code sample from the email address page.  (The web mail client I'm using is 
wiping out my formatting, please drop me a personal email and I'll send you the actual 
entire PHP file). 

if (isset($submit) && (is_numeric($list_length))) {
/* We are creating a list from the database */
$sql = "select name_fn, name_ln, email from contact where correspond = 'email' 
and email is not null and email != '' order by name_ln, name_fn";
$contacts = mysql_query($sql,$db) or die ('<h2> ERROR: Unable to read from the 
database because 
</h2>'.mysql_errno().': '.mysql_error().'<br>');
$g =1; $i =1;
while ($contact = mysql_fetch_array($contacts)) {
if ($i==1) echo "<P><B>Group $g:</b><p>";
if ($i>1) echo $list_separator; /* to put a separator between email addresses 
print ($contact['name_fn'].' '.$contact['name_ln'].' 
if ($i==$list_length) {
} else { 

If it's not my code, can someone maybe point me at someplace I can look next?

When I tried this on my old work laptop, (which was using PHP, Mysql and IIS on 
Win2k), I was able to dump the whole table with a very similar script, and no 
timeouts. So perhaps it's something about my Apache setup? 

I'm very confused, please give a newbie a hand? 

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