I'm trying to do a sort of address book where I'd put all information about
anybody or any company from which I receive informtation (friend, people
from work, hotels, places...)

An entry starts with a name, then I can have any type of information. The
table I'm using has a lot of fields, but I display via PHP only those that
are not empty.

I'm now facing a problem many must have already faced. A lot of people work
for the same company, and I'd like to have a separate table or storage area
to put that data, so that I don't have to write the same company addresse
twice, and if that information changes, I won't have to go through ten or
twenty people's entries to modify it.

So how would I link a company's information to a person's entry?

I know it may sound easy or ridiculous a question, but though I know HTML
very well I'm still a beginner (learning on my own) et PHP and MySql.

So far I have a neat rendering of the database I've created, but I feel I
should look further into DB use.

Software I'm using:

EasyPHP (latest version)

on Windows Me

Main question, I repeat is : how would I link a company's information to a
person's entry?



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