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> Hi all,
>     I've noted that a least a couple of people on this list work with
> library catalog systems - I'm interested in finding out whether any of
> these systems are open-source or are available for a nominal fee.  I'm
> familiar enough with PHP/MySQL to make one, but I'd also like to avoid
> re-inventing the wheel if possible, particularly since I'm not a
> librarian :-). The non-profit that I work for has a significant
> biological science library that we would like to create a/use an
> existing web-based catalog system for.
>     Also, I'm aware that there is specific funding available for doing
> this @ non-profits... I was wondering if anyone else had endeavored
> along these lines.

Well, as soon as I get my database over magazines that we have in our
storage, i'll release it under GPL, most probably on the http://lib.vaasa.fi
server. Not that I know if anyone has got any use of it whatsoever, but...


Markus Lervik
Linux-administrator with a kungfoo grip
Vaasa City Library - Regional Library
+358-6-325 3589 / +358-40-832 6709

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