On Saturday 12 January 2002 10:42, Adam Royle wrote:
> Hi there...
> I wrote a PHP script which extracts the title and content from all the
> HTML files in a directory and puts the filename, title and content into
> a 2 dimensional array.
> I know the array is fine because when I print it to the page it dislays
> properly.
> When I try to input it into the DB I think mySQL chokes. Is there a
> better way to put contents of an array in a db, or some way to slow down
> the process?
> I have tried using insert delayed, and also doing a complex calculation
> after each insert to keep the php engine thiking but allowing mysql to
> fix itself, but this does not work. The results I get in the db is
> muffled and only contains three rows (instead of about 15) and the
> information is all jumbled aswell.
> I tried a test line (commented out) and it worked as expected. This is
> my code.
> for ($i=0;$i<count($arr_page);$i++){
>       $sql = "INSERT into tblContent
>                       (Title, Filename, Parent, DirName, Content)
>               VALUES
>       ('$arr_page[$i][0]','$arr_page[$i][1]','$parent','$dir_name','$arr_page[$i
>] [2]')";
>               //('$i','$i','$i','$i','$i')"; this line instead of previous
> inserts as expected
>       mysql_query($sql);
> }

You don't say what error, if any, you're getting. My best guess is that you 
probably need to use addslashes() to treat your data before inserting into 
the database.

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