> I Have been trying to change the Return-Path: when using mail() but to no
> success. I have followed the examples in the documentation. Is there any
> hidden trick - Iam using apache 1.3.14, php 4.1.1 and sendmail 8.9.3.

=There's been some grouching on the lists about spam and vague questions - How much 
detail have you given about
this problem? Would it be acceptable to answer saying "Iam using apache 1.3.14, php 
4.1.1 and sendmail 8.9.3.
and it works fine"?

=Fortunately I don't (use sendmail) so after grumbling away, let me say that I do have 
systems that email
(successfully) from PHP code and am interested in the topic (and did like your precise 
subject line).

1 if a msg is constructed (without Return-Path) does it send/receive to spec?
2 which example/documentation?
3 what is the pertinent PHP code?
4 what is the errmsg-received/other symptoms?


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