on 1/12/02 7:36 AM, Malcolm White at [EMAIL PROTECTED] appended the
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> 4. No error messages. An email constructed as above sends perfectly - but
> the return path defaults to the apache user (in my case www) not the
> supplied return path. I tested the header construction by changing
> Return-Path: to X-Path: and the X-Path: header appears correctly. I am not
> sure but it seams that the real Return-Path is not overidable.

It's a sendmail config thing.  Do you have access to the server? Or is at a
web host?  

If you can get access to your php.ini file and restart apache, you can
change the sendmail path to:

sendmail -t -i -f [EMAIL PROTECTED]

That bounces all mail to that address.  I believe that in PHP 4.0.6 they
added another parameter of the mail function that lets you add options to
sendmail from each script, but check the docs.



BTW, since your original message wasn't about databases and PHP, it
should've gone to PHP-General.

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