Boaz Yahav wrote:
> Hi
> I'm planning to move my site (Very successful / high traffic Auctions
> site) from MySQL to MSSQL Server 2000.
> I was wondering if anyone has done this move and if there are any pit
> falls to notice.
> 1. Is ODBC the only way to work from a Solaris / Apache / PHP 4 machine
> to a Win2K / SQL Server 2000?
> 2. What could be the performance cost (if any).
> 3. Are there any special points that need to be taken into consideration
> on either side?

If you have these doubts I wonder if you are really sure if moving from
OS and databases is the right thing to do.

Maybe if you tell what is you motivation for the move we can address
your real problems more objectively.

Changing OS, Web Server and database server all at the same time sounds
like an operation of great risk. If your motivation really justifies all
the changes, maybe changing one thing at a time would be of less risk.
Don't forget the Hotmail platform change fiasco.

Manuel Lemos

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