Sorry for the late reply to this, but if you were to move to MS SQL I'd 
highly recommend using FreeTDS ( to access the database 
from PHP. Due to the lack of an MS SQL client library in Mac OS X I have 
to use FreeTDS to contact another MS SQL server ( I use MySQL myself ). 
Setup was very easy, you just build FreeTDS and then configure PHP using 
--with-sybase-ct=/path/to/freetds. Then you can use the mssql_* group of 
functions to access the database.

Or you could use ODBC... but I was never able to get that to work 
correctly, and the general consensus seems to be that ODBC is slow.

On Saturday, January 12, 2002, at 03:24 PM, Boaz Yahav wrote:

> Hi
> I'm planning to move my site (Very successful / high traffic Auctions
> site) from MySQL to MSSQL Server 2000.
> I was wondering if anyone has done this move and if there are any pit
> falls to notice.
> 1. Is ODBC the only way to work from a Solaris / Apache / PHP 4 machine
> to a Win2K / SQL Server 2000?
> 2. What could be the performance cost (if any).
> 3. Are there any special points that need to be taken into consideration
> on either side?

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