It's me again, with the magazine database : )

Is there any way to combine INSERT...SELECT and INSERT INTO so
one could insert a new row with a few values inserted by hand and others
from another table? something like

INSERT INTO mag_table (mag_id,issn,year,info,volume,numbers,remarks) 
VALUES  ( (SELECT id FROM mag_names WHERE mag_names.name="Asdf"),

I'm trying to construct myself a nice clever INSERT statement to my
web-frontend. Haven't got it to work, though. Is this even possible?
The other option would be to use three(?) mysql_query calls from my PHP-code,
but I'd like to keep it as simple as possible.


Markus Lervik
Linux-administrator with a kungfoo grip
Vaasa City Library - Regional Library
+358-6-325 3589 / +358-40-832 6709

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