In my previous email, I mentioned that provided
500 megs of disk space per account.  I host several a domains by redirecting
domains (5) to sub-directories within that 500.  I don't have a 500-meg
account for each domain.  After the first year, the 500-megs cost $70/year.


Richard Emery
IT Sr. Project Manager
(972) 478-3398

>---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
>From: Gurhan Ozen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 13:17:59 -0500
>  Hi All,
> I am currently looking for a reliable web host to host my personal
>I know there are millions of web hosting companies that have PHP and MYSQL
>support but I just can't trust any of the fully-assured and confident
>webhosting ads anymore. I would like to get a service from a company for
>which someone can vouch.
>  I did started hosting my web site at a webhoster that promised 99.99%
>uptime and my site is hardly ever up and running. They don't answer my
>emails either.
> IS there anyone who have web sites hosted at webhosting service for a
>reasonably long time without any problems? IF yes, can you please contact
>and tell me about it? This might be kind of off-topic for both lists, and i
>apologize to both lists, so you might want to reply to my email rather than
>sending it to list(s).
>  Thank you very much.

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