On 14 Jan 2002, at 13:17, Gurhan Ozen wrote:

>  I am currently looking for a reliable web host to host my personal
>  website.
> I know there are millions of web hosting companies that have PHP and
> MYSQL support but I just can't trust any of the fully-assured and

>  IS there anyone who have web sites hosted at webhosting service for a
> reasonably long time without any problems? IF yes, can you please
> contact me and tell me about it? This might be kind of off-topic for
> both lists, and i apologize to both lists, so you might want to reply
> to my email rather than sending it to list(s).

If you get a lot of responses you might consider writing up 
something nice which someone might put in a FAQ (although it 
may be dated).

Would, by chance, you want telnet access to your server? I could 
not imagine any other way. You can write cron jobs to restart your 
database if it goes down, etc. I began using a company called 
iserver.com way back in 1995 and I've been using them ever since, 
even after they were bought by Verio.  The only way you can get 
more control is by having a dedicated box.  Pricing starts at 
US$55.00 a month and up but you might try one of their resellers. I 
worked for Summit Communications 
(http://www.summitdesign.net/) and they give me a discount from 
the retail price. Details on what you get are here:


I've heard there is a linux package which provides the same sort of 
"sandbox" environment but I don't know anyone selling it. I've seen 
hordes of hosting where they expect me to talk to my database 
from a script ... never, I like to pipe commands and just work in the 
client from time to time.


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