It's a big one...
Some thougths I had while reading your e-mail:

- There is an option in php.ini where you can disable error messages
(someone wrote to the list, it might be in the archive). And I found in my
php.ini now the error_reporting option, maybe you could set it to E_ALL to
see if it show any error.

- I had the same problem writing squid log to mysql. It always died when
find a line with http://www...com/file.cgi?option=+'bust'+ because it breaks
the SQL. Probably this is not problem because you are echoing the SQL but
it's worth to look at the last statement.

- Another thing that don't see to be the problem is the memory limit because
my squid log is very bigger than that and my memory_limit is the default 8M.
(I'm running this script in the shell, not in the browser).

- Does it die always in the same statement? I think that if it's a system
limitation and you have any other thing running in you machine it won't die
always the same way. If it does, I think it's a script or SQL problem.

Just some ideas to help...

good luck,

Bruno Pereti.

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Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Re: MySQL/PHP and the case of "Good Lord, that's a lot
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> On 1/15/2002 9:17 AM -0500 Hugh Bothwell wrote:
> > How long does this take to run?  Could it be timing out?
> Well, it's echo-ing each statement it's executing (added later to help
> debug), so from a connection standpoint I don't think it's timing out.
> None of the browsers seem to think it is, at the very least. The
> process itself has a 30-second CPU time limit imposed on it by the OS,
> and that is not a factor (it's dying at about 5 seconds).
> Toby
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