Hi All,

Normally I try not to take work home with me, mainly because I'm good 
enough at breaking my own code. In this case, however, I think it might 
be a good idea if I knew the answer to the question I was asked.

Basically, there's a PHP script. This script is a rather kludgy way of 
keeping a bunch of data in a flat file generated on a certain server 
reasonably up to date with the data in a MySQL database on the frontend 
webserver. The script's responsibility is to go through this file line 
by line (some 8000 of them), parse the data on each line, perform a 
simple transform or two on that data, create a query to REPLACE that 
data into the database (the flat file and the backend server are 
authoritative over the MySQL server), execute the statement and then 
move on to the next line.

The problem is, somewhere in the middle of this script (more like 
closer to the beginning) the script just *dies*. I say that because 
there's no error message, no warnings, no footer content that's 
included after the processing is done, nothing. It just dies in the 
middle of the while loop that reads the file and executes the 

Some rather exhaustive checking by both myself and the actual owner of 
the script indicate that there are no glaring errors in the PHP or the 
SQL the PHP generates, and the lack of an error message of any kind 
indicates the same thing.

That said, here's where I'm sitting currently: I think it's a matter of 
some limitation in the system. Almost certainly not one that's 
hardcoded in there by anyone, but perhaps along the line of some sort 
of system-dependent limit that needs to be increased. I think it'll 
probably be hard to give a definitive answer right out off the bat (and 
that's not what I'm looking for), but I'd like some ideas as to 
possible places I could start looking.

Here are the details I _do_ have:
MySQL: 3.22 (Upgrading isn't much of an option, or I would have)
PHP: 4.0 (Might be 4.0.1. Same situation as above, but perhaps a CGI 
version can be built if this is the limitation)

The data file is right around 8600 lines, and all told the script is 
executing just over 1 statement per line.

Any light someone could shed on the situation would be much appreciated.



Tobyn Baugher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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