Ok, I did something stupid and now I am paying the

In an internal database that tracks the time and date
something happens on our site, I mistakenly forgot to
use leading zeros in the 24 hour column(s). So,
anything that happens between 1-9 am are all short by
one digit. Now, I need to create a report that shows
these transactions in the order that they happened.

The answer to this problem should be as simple as
adding a zero to the end of all records that are short
one digit. But, for reasons that I won't explain here,
that isn't possible.

So, my question is this, is there a way to do a
database call that would select all the records but
allow me to order them based on the first 8 digits

If you would like an example, I need the following two
numbers to come up in the order listed.


Thanks for your time.


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