I have a successful website with authenticatin and logons.  There are
sections that I allow anyone to get to, but the others have to be
authenticated.  This site is not using frames at all.  its a page by page,
with the unit that does the authentication and sessions being included in
each page.

I've taken these same units to another site.  I altered the pieces neccesary
to hit the new sites database and users.  This site is using frames.  the
outer frames are not using the authentication or sessions.  However,
internal pages do.  As I enter a section that needs a logon, it prompts me.
Then it goes to the correct page.  But the next page it goes too, it wants
to get a logon again.  These pages are in a row, and they all use the same
sessions stuff that the other site uses.  I know that they all have to
include the same units, so once it needs to logon, it'll prompt that, but it
should pass this session info from here to there, and not have to logon
again.  Its driving me nuts.

The only thing I can think of thats different is the frames.  I even took
the same code from the other site ( the one that does work without frames),
and plugged it in.  So the session logon was for the other site and other
db.  It'd prompt me each time too.  I am not sure what to do now...

help please.

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