I realized that I was not doing a page_close();

In the other site, there is a footer that all pages use, that automatically
does this for me.  I just forgot it.   It had nothing to do with frames.
Just a dumb thing that I forgot.

"Tjaybelt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a successful website with authenticatin and logons.  There are
> sections that I allow anyone to get to, but the others have to be
> authenticated.  This site is not using frames at all.  its a page by page,
> with the unit that does the authentication and sessions being included in
> each page.
> I've taken these same units to another site.  I altered the pieces
> to hit the new sites database and users.  This site is using frames.  the
> outer frames are not using the authentication or sessions.  However,
> internal pages do.  As I enter a section that needs a logon, it prompts
> Then it goes to the correct page.  But the next page it goes too, it wants
> to get a logon again.  These pages are in a row, and they all use the same
> sessions stuff that the other site uses.  I know that they all have to
> include the same units, so once it needs to logon, it'll prompt that, but
> should pass this session info from here to there, and not have to logon
> again.  Its driving me nuts.
> The only thing I can think of thats different is the frames.  I even took
> the same code from the other site ( the one that does work without
> and plugged it in.  So the session logon was for the other site and other
> db.  It'd prompt me each time too.  I am not sure what to do now...
> help please.

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