On Friday 18 January 2002 00:25, James Kupernik wrote:
> I found the problem in the form and fixed that, but now anytime I want to
> submit the form by hitting enter, it acts like it's reloading the page.
> What would be the cause of that? When I click on the submit button the
> verification and program function correctly, but when I hit enter, they do
> not.

Please post some code to save us a lot of conjecturing and hypothesising.

You cannot rely the behaviour of hitting enter to submit a form. In IE & NN 
pressing enter to submit a form results in the value for the submit button 
NOT being sent. So clicking on the submit button to submit a form is not the 
same as pressing enter to submit the form. Thus if you were relying on the 
value of the submit button your code wouldn't work. 

AFAIK Opera does the 'right' thing and sends everything when you press enter 
to submit the form.

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