On Friday 18 January 2002 01:30, James Kupernik wrote:
> Sorry about that ....
> <?php
> if ($submit) {

This is probably where your problem is. Which browser are you using? To fix 
this you could include a hidden element in your form and check for this 
rather than checking for "submit".

> > You cannot rely the behaviour of hitting enter to submit a form. In IE &
> NN
> > pressing enter to submit a form results in the value for the submit
> > button NOT being sent. So clicking on the submit button to submit a form
> > is not
> the
> > same as pressing enter to submit the form. Thus if you were relying on
> > the value of the submit button your code wouldn't work.
> >
> > AFAIK Opera does the 'right' thing and sends everything when you press
> enter
> > to submit the form.

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