You're building it upside down! If your design relies on adding columns to 
store data you will quickly run out of columns.

More typically when you submit data you add a row of information to a 
database, not another column.  Database design and normalization are topics 
which are too big to cover in an email, but there are a number of 
helpful  tutorials. This one is pretty decent:

The author describes both why data has to be normalized and how that is 
done. An internal link points to another article which helps you determine 
what to include in the tables.

If the above doesn't suite, Google will return a slew of hits on "sql 
tutorial normalization".

I hope this will be helpful - Miles Thompson

At 02:13 PM 1/17/2002 +0000, Keith Webb wrote:
>Ok i'm new to this stuff so maybe someone can give me a quick pointer on
>this one.
>I want to add a new column / Field with the date to a database every time
>the submit button is clicked.
>PHP doesn't seem to support the ALTER TABLE command from mysql or the ADD
>Is there a way to do this?
>Or am I building this upside down so to speak!!!
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