On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 01:20:47PM -0700, Randall Barber wrote:
> I've been using the OCI8 extension and have a question about the Persistent 
> While debugging the site, I will run into the following error (paraphrased):
> BeginSession: too many processes running
> etc...
> I have my scripts setup in the following way:
> <?php
> OCIPLogon(...);
> stuff
> ?>
> I never do call OCILogOff(...) explicitly.  I may misunderstand, but I thought when 
>a call to a persistent connection is made, it will first look for an open session and 
>use it.
> Otherwise, it creates a new one.  This correct?


> What causes this "overload" of sorts?  Is it PHP or Apache?

    when using persustent connections you will at one point have
    as many db-connections as you have httpd processes. so to
    limit the no. of connections to your DB you have to set
    MaxClients in httpd.conf.

    i'mn ot to sure about the windows stuff here - does it work
    when using OCILogin instead of OCIPlogon?


> Win2k
> Apache 1.3.20
> PHP 4.1.0
> Thanks in advance for your help

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