I  have a page that displays a book and some of its chapters (not all
chapters are recorded) and I want to do a layout like this:

ISN:               012345678X
Book Title:      A Christmas Carol
Book Author:  Dickens, C.
Publisher:        Victorian Press
Year:              1934

Dickens, C     Chapter One:title     1-33      Last sold for 5p per page
Dickens, C     Chapter Two:title    34-43     Last sold for 5p per page
Dickens, C     Chapter Three:title  44-63     Not Cleared
Not Digitised
Dickens, C     Chapter Six :title     92-114   Last sold for 5p per page

Now, I know I could do 2 queries, 1 against the book table and the other
against the chapter table. Would it be possible and if so more efficient to
combine them into a single query and still be able to display in this way?


George in Edinburgh (data is fictional in more ways than one)

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