Hi Chris,

Can anyone see what is wrong with this query?  I am trying to update some fields, if I 
do an echo everything
looks good but it doesn't update the fields in the DB - am I missing something obvious 

$mysql_query ("UPDATE search6 SET email = '$email',description = '$comments',category 
= '$category',url =
'$url',type = '$type',country = '$country',rating = '$rating',fname = '$fname',state = 
'$state',region =
'$region',city = '$city' WHERE id = '$id'");

=the story of my life I clean myself up and "everything looks good", but still none of 
the popular crowd are

=it is good that you have taken the precaution of an 'echo', and I'll assume that the 
db/tbl are connected and
opened properly.

=how do you know that "it doesn't update the fields"? If you are using a PHP MySQL_ 
fn, then remember that
you'll only get a response if the row was actually updated (ie (possibly, but only) 
the first time you throw
that particular dataset at the db. What is the result from the function - a 
resultset/resource identifier or
something else?

=have you taken the debug-output from the echo and copy-pasted it into either the 
MySQL client or an admin pkg?
These will give you different error responses and show the DBMS' response to the 
combination of SQL and data.

=my concern would be with the commas that don't appear to be followed by spaces. I 
always add the db_connector
argument, and (just in case you haven't 'edited' the line for the email) assign the 
resultset to something.

=if the above does not help, please provide more information, and we'll get down and 
boogie - even without the
'popular people'...

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