A few things to check:

1. You have a connection to the database (I'm assuming you do).
2. mysql_query() is a php function so you should not put a dollar sign
before it (indicating it is a variable. If you want mysql_query() to return
a variable, do something like this: $result = mysql_query("UPDATE.... etc");
3. Check that you field names are the same, they are case sensitive (I'm
pretty sure).
4. If all that doesn't work, try setting the query out in a logical pattern.
This way it is easy to find mistakes.

ie. $sql = “UPDATE search6 SET
                email = ‘$email’,
                description = ‘$comments’,
                ........ etc ........
                region = ‘$region’
                WHERE id = ‘$id’“);

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From: Chris Payne [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 3:18 PM
Subject: MySQL Update help needed

Hi there,

Can anyone see what is wrong with this query?  I am trying to update some
fields, if I do an echo everything looks good but it doesn't update the
fields in the DB - am I missing something obvious here?

Thanks for your help


$mysql_query ("UPDATE search6 SET email = '$email',description =
'$comments',category = '$category',url = '$url',type = '$type',country =
'$country',rating = '$rating',fname = '$fname',state = '$state',region =
'$region',city = '$city' WHERE id = '$id'");

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