I'm developing a PHP/MySQL site for a client.  He already has a web-host for
another domain and would like to re-direct the new domain to a sub-directory
within the allotted space of the previous domain.  To perform that
re-direct, I just started using EVERYDNS.NET.

The Problem: when I attempt to PING the new domain, the PING times-out.  In
fact, when I directly PING the re-direction server, that also times out.
The tech support of the re-direction services states that his system has no
problem (what a surprise) and that the problem is on my side (what a
surprise !!).

I don't care where the problem is, I'm just trying to fix this thing.  I've
confirmed that the name servers with the domain registrar are correct and
point to the re-direction servers.

(from WHOIS)  Domain servers in listed order:

Here's where I need your help.  Would a few of you PING the following and
send a message to me with your results. (off-line, so as not to burn-up this
list's band-width).  If you succeed or fail, it will be an independent test
from my system.

webhop.everydns.net    (this is the re-direct server)         (this is the re-direct server IP address, to bypass



p.s.  Yes, I know this is only peripherally related to PHP and databases.
For a few of you others, flame-on if you must...

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